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Alexandra Shcherbakova

Miembro Free

Sobre mi

Alexandra Shcherbakova todavía no ha escrito nada sobre sí mismo.

Comentarios 9

  • AllTheDucks 21/01/2009 20:46

    Very nice shots Alexandra. Continue to celebrate the photography
  • Tayfun YAMAN 13/05/2008 11:24

    Hello Alexandra;
    Thank you very much for your sweet comment where you mentioned the same feeling that I have.
    Kind Regards
  • Alessandro Della Casa 13/04/2008 17:55

    Privet Alexandra,

    many thanks for your kind comment. It was extremely enjoyable to see how Russian People celebrate weddings and how beautiful Russians ladies at these ceremonies are. It happened to me to see something like that in St. Petersburg too....

  • Wayne Tsipouras 03/12/2007 22:14

    Hi Alexandra,
    Thanks for your beautiful words on

    I hope the winter is not too cold, Warm greetings from Sunny Australia!
  • Ray Steinberg 22/03/2007 1:14

    Hi Alexandra,

    You take some very interesting photos.

    Greetings from New York, USA


  • Wayne Tsipouras 11/10/2006 16:48

    Hi Alexandra,
    Glad you enjoyed the sea,
    Welcome to the FC ! :-)
    Look forward to more of your work.

  • Gianni Boradori 18/09/2006 23:09

    Ciao Alexandra, wellcome in FC!!!!!!!
    Thank you for the comment and visit in my portfolio.
    It is very very funny your visit at the same time of my shot in Florence., may be 3 rd of September, but I'm not so sure, may be.
    Come back to Florence again and we try to repeat the situation, to enjoy together
    Ciao, Gianni
  • Alexandra Shcherbakova 18/09/2006 21:32

    Thank you!!!
  • Piso Piso 18/09/2006 14:41

    nice pics = ]
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