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adriano j faria

Miembro Free, porto

Sobre mi

A camera have the power to stop the time for a moment. we have the pleasure to share that moment for a life time..........so i thank you all for let me share your moments.

My cameras : Olympus E 400
Lenses : Zuiko digital ED 14-42 M/M ( 28-84 M/M 35M/M EQUIV)
Zuiko digital ED 40-150 M/M ( 80-300 M/M 35M/M EQUIV)

After April 2010......Sony Alpha A 700
Lenses : Sony DT 18-70.........Konica-Minolta DT 18-200

Comentarios 435

  • Andy-Wood 24/12/2013 13:58

    Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Christmas and all the best for 2014
    kind regards
  • Adele Oliver 25/11/2013 1:55

    Hello Adri,
    thank you so much for your visit and nice comments - great to hear from you !!!
    wish you a good week,
  • tragaluz- 04/11/2013 1:18

    Gracias por tu comentario, Adri... me alegra que te guste. Saludos
  • Muetgrid 30/09/2013 11:53

    Thanks for the kind comment. I was very happy about it.
    Have a nice day :-)
    ~ Blick nach Osten ~
    ~ Blick nach Osten ~
  • DregerPhoto. 23/09/2013 0:33

    Hi Adriano,
    thank you very much for your kind comment.
    I ve seen some great nature photographies on your profile. good work!
  • Hung Ho 08/08/2013 2:47

    Thanks Adriano for your great comment on my photo.
    Warm regards,
    Hung Ho
  • Thierry Lempereur 03/08/2013 17:05

    Merci pour ton commentére
  • Thomas M. Naumann 30/07/2013 11:46

    hi adri,
    thank you for your comment.

  • O.Werner 29/07/2013 22:30

    Danke Adri

    Der alte See
    Der alte See
  • Marietta Kobald 29/07/2013 0:44

    Danke Adri
  • Andy-Wood 28/07/2013 20:46

    ... when you go down to the woods today ....
    ... when you go down to the woods today ....

    Thanks Adri ... you comments are very much appreciated
    kind regards,
  • Pierre LAVILLE 28/07/2013 20:38

    Merci beaucoup Adriano !
    Amitiés bonne semaine !
    Le Mont Saint Michel.
    Le Mont Saint Michel.
    Pierre LAVILLE
  • barb.schultheis 02/07/2013 3:24

    Thank you Adriano for your great comment on my Smoky Kenosha! Much appreciated!
  • Tania Skaradek 02/06/2013 22:02

    Thank you Adriano!
    Best regards
  • cHrist.. 02/06/2013 11:29

    Thanks for your visit!

    best wishes

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