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Carina Bucu

Miembro Free, Tokyo

A Child's Prayer

Nowadays, prayer isn't too popular among the young. Yesterday, I went with my 2 sons on their school field trip and one of the stops was at a church. At one point, I scanned the grounds for Milo and, to my surprise, he was there by himself standing in prayer.

No flash. I wish I had a better camera because the sunlight was too bright and I could only do so much adjustment with my camera. Contentwise, I still think the picture is worth posting :-))

Comentarios 4

  • Frank Götz 26/09/2006 22:15

    Nice pic indeed. I don't mind the light, it's the message that comes with it; even children pray, because they believe. If they are shy showing it, it might just be a sign of group pressure.
    Thanks for this one, Cari.

    Cheers, Frank
  • Thomas Wallmeyer 26/09/2006 13:24

    Very nice.
    I like this photo
    Greetings Thomas
  • Pascal Viyer 26/09/2006 13:01

    Très touchant !
  • Sir Walter 26/09/2006 13:01

    It seems to be a grotto with St. Mary.
    Very nice picture - your surprise too!
    Greetings from Germany