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Erick Arias

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  • Sarah Tustra 10/08/2010 8:52

    Hi Thanks,

    I don´t understand what "barium" and "Calleron"
    means. Barium is a chemical element??

    But we are here to talk about photos. Well, yours is good.
    The helicopter looks like an insect.
    And its so strange to me. This soldier on the right, the man on the left giving signals and the crowd far behind.
    Really good.
  • Erick Arias 10/08/2010 5:34

    Not for here if it was record for that there were dead bariums I am quiet when bariums trucks and vehicles calleron to the river
  • Sarah Tustra 09/08/2010 8:27

    Oh shit. Did the bridge collapsed because of the heavy rain? Looks not so well on the other photos. I hope no one was injured.
    Some years ago i had to leave my flat when the rhine river was flooding my home. But there was no life danger for me, it was only wet, wet wet.
    Sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand.
  • Erick Arias 07/08/2010 20:25

    Thank you for the comment, this photo due taken in the fall of a bridge where they turned out to be wounded bariums
  • Sarah Tustra 07/08/2010 19:53

    A lot of trouble there?


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