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Tania RC

Miembro Free

Sobre mi

Tania likes keeping save her dreams in a box...
Tania is so impulsive and fanciful
Tania is a Graphic Designer
Tania has fears
Tania loves collecting ´beach sand´ inside ´film boxes´...
Tania, whose heart belongs to the whole world...
Tania loves marking with dots ...
Tania believes in those small life´ signs
Tania loves sleeping with her small red pillow
Tania is in love with the `Love´
Tania thinks every little thing you do, counts!
Tania also thinks that´s much better regretting about things you did and not about those that you didn´t yet and you´ll never be able to do it...
Tania is an "english language learner"...

Comentarios 3

  • juan franco garcia 24/02/2008 3:55

    bonitas fotos tania
  • Davide Baraldi 09/02/2008 20:19

    Hola Tania bienvenido
  • Harro K. 19/12/2007 21:34

    hey Tania, why don´t you fill your account with a little bit of life. I think you should have no problems finding nice fotos..
    Greetings Harro

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