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Albena Markova

Free Account, Varna

Sobre mi

Art photographer Albena Markova is a freelance landscape photographer based in Varna, Bulgaria.

Albena Markova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, 1962.

Graduated at Technical University, Varna in 1990, Master Degree of Engineering.

Albena first began studying photography by attending a 10 days solo photo course.

But a real beginning of her passion is one trip to Rodope Mountain several months later. The indescribable beauty of the Autumn in the mountain was the source of inspiration that opened the doors for the illness called Photography.

In the next few years she began teaching herself photography by reading books and magazines and mostly with a lot of practice. The fact that she was never received any formal photographic training, or been framed by existing styles, helped her to develop an unique style that makes her photos instantly recognizable and loved by the people.

Albena’s photographs have been published extensively worldwide in a large variety of media ranging from calendars, books, magazines and many more.

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