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Anna-Maija Ahokas

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Sobre mi

A photographer who lives in Finland.

I am a photographer. I live in the city of Ekenäs, a small old town on the southern coast of Finland.
The town is right by the sea, with the breathtakingly beautiful archipelago right under my nose. I capture images of beautiful and ordinary moments in the everyday life.

Comentarios 10

  • P.J. Photography 22/01/2019 18:48

    Viele Dank für das Lob zu meinem Bild „Kleines Inselchen im Mondschein“. Viele Grüße PJ
  • Manfred Juengling 18/09/2018 17:44

    hanks for feedback ,greetings from Barcelona
  • Totoosart 23/07/2018 20:27

    Greetings, thanks for following me, I don’t know what made you think i was followable, but I usually follow back, you seem to have a good eye and can capture what you see beautifully, congratulations on that, keep them coming ????????
  • Dinu Filipescu 19/07/2018 14:13

    Thank you for your recognition : I hope to see more great images from you.
  • Anna-Maija Ahokas 13/07/2018 10:30

    Mario, your gallery is great.
  • Mario F Meier 13/07/2018 8:16

    Thank you very much for the appreciation.

    Inspiration Luzern
    Inspiration Luzern
    Mario F Meier
  • alexander stefanatos 12/07/2018 20:45

    Thanks very much Anna Maija for your friendship.Much pleased and appreciated. Lookinfg forward...I shall be off for sometime on holidays to a greek island and I hope to come back with plenty of new photos.
    friendly alexander
  • Anna-Maija Ahokas 12/07/2018 14:52

    Hello Alexander
    Sorry, I don’t know how to respond ro your comment, but now it is here.
    Oh, how fun it is to hear that you fancied Finland. Finland is a unique, simple, uncomplicated, infinitely beautiful, diverse nature and still have good winter and summer. Efficient, modern and good country to live. I'm sorry, but I do not know who is your Anna-Maija. But lovely lady, I am sure. Thanks for being interested in my photos, I look forward to your comments.
    Your photos are great!
  • alexander stefanatos 12/07/2018 9:38

    Hi Anna Maija
    Thanks for following me. I have travelled many times in your country and I have worked for some time there many years ago.I keep very vivid pictures from Baltic Sea up to Lapland and also your first name raises lovely memories to me.....Does the surname "Valkonen" rings any bells to you? I'm waiting for your photos.
    friendly alexander.
  • Raimo Ketolainen 11/07/2018 14:08

    Lähetä mulle sun sähköpostiosoite niin voin lähettää sulle powerpoint ohjeen kuvien lataamisesta
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