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FrogDiva Photography

Premium (Basic), Berlin

Sobre mi


FrogDiva Photography is a dichotomy of selfishness and selflessness that seek depth in interwoven light and shadows. If you seek technical perfection in photographs, you have come to the wrong place. I harbor an utter disdain to center anything in the image other than my own emotions, and consider the Rule of Thirds, apertures and shutter speed as mere suggestions.

Many have asked what my specialization in photography is, and my answers have never been consistent over the years, as my soul meanders through life at different speeds and with varying intentions. On some days I will reply that I am a social and documentary photographer, photojournalist at large. On other days my response is that I am a bohemian FrogDiva full of flaws and imperfections in pursuit of equilibrium. Photography is part and parcel of who I am, not a skill learned for some certification or artistic claim. It is as human to me as it is spiritual.


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Fuji X-T10
Fuji XF 18-55
Fuji XF 55-200
iPhone 6