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Graham Russell

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Create and enjoy

After over 40 years of being a photographer I now do it for the pleasure of creating what I like. It might not win prizes, it might not make it to a publisher, it might not be everybodys taste. My photography now is to please me. I do hope that others may also get some enjoyment from my photography

Comentarios 15

  • hfaller 13/03/2019 20:26

    Hello Graham, thanks for liking. Cheers Achim
    In Bavaria: Servus
  • Arthure 13/03/2019 11:16

    Your pictures that you show us are very much carried by a special melancholy. I mean to understand this. 

    Best regards

  • hensken 10/03/2019 13:08

    danke für deine lobe und commentare.zu meinen Fotos. l.g hensken
  • woisvogi 07/03/2019 0:34

    thanks graham for your nice comment on https://www.fotocommunity.de/photo/sunset-woisvogi/42186927
    you see a commentet photo with different eyes ;)
    i like all your photos. just with your "fire tree" i become not so warm.
    special i like your dark pictures.
  • Wilfried Südheide 26/02/2019 8:32

    Hallo Graham, thank you for liking my Sunset photo.
    My english is bad:-((
    Have a sunny week.
    LG Wilfried
  • hans-jakob 20/02/2019 11:04

    Vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar!
    LG hans-jakob
  • hsvision 05/02/2019 10:32

    Hallo Graham,  bedanke mich herzlich für Deinen Besuch und die vielen Lobe. Deine Fotos sind wunderschön.
    LG Henryk
  • kar.la 05/02/2019 9:20

    grazie x il tuo passaggio.. graditi i commenti! ciao!!!!!
  • Bernd Hohnstock 21/01/2019 10:20

    Danke für die nette Anmerkung zu meinem Foto
    Blutmond am linken Niederrhein ....
    Blutmond am linken Niederrhein ....
    Bernd Hohnstock

    habe mich seh rarüber gefreut, wünsche dir weiterhin immer tolle Fotos
    und einen Gruß vom linken Niederrhein ... Gruß  Bernd
  • PetraB. 13/01/2019 10:45

    Sehr außergewöhnliche und ausdrucksstarke Fotos. Jedes einzelne!!! Lg Petra
  • regdul 11/01/2019 19:25

    Thanks Graham for the comment to
    my pic "Blowball with waterdrops".
    You are showing impressing pics here.
  • S. 05/01/2019 18:29

    True words in your profil, thank you for commend.
  • Bea van Glück 04/12/2018 21:37

    Dear Graham, thanks that you found my photos.
    I wish you much fun with the fc.
  • MeyerM 04/12/2018 11:25

    Hallo Graham
    Danke für den Kommentar - Spitzahorn.
    LG Max
  • Zina H 04/12/2018 11:16

    Few, but nice pictures you show here! You have a really special style, I like it. Hope to see more!
    Best, Zina
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