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Miembro World, Newcastle upon Tyne

Sobre mi

I am a canon photographer who takes pictures for fun.
I use a canon EOS 70 D, with a canon 18-135 lens.

Over many years, I have come to the conclusion that trees are easier to photograph than people. I have learnt that the sun is always in the wrong position in the sky - and that it's no use complaining about it. Finally - my experience has made me firm in the view that dogs don't really understand what photography is about - but a minority of them seem willing to give me the benefit of the doubt, with a refreshing "live and let live" attitude on their part.

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  • Ferdi Doussier 02/09/2019 13:06

    thanks a lot of voting
    greetings Ferdi

    In the Westside
  • fotograficaCH 29/08/2019 8:36

    Hello Mark, thank you very much for all of your appreciations!
    Best regards, Eric
  • RolliAC 26/08/2019 17:29

    Thank you, Greatings Rolf
    Porta Nigra
    Porta Nigra
    RWE 737
    RWE 737
  • Fernando Anzani 13/08/2019 15:59

    Thank you for your appreciation. Ciao. Fernando.
    Le notizie del giorno
    Le notizie del giorno
    Fernando Anzani
  • HSchw 20/07/2019 12:29

    Thanks a lot for the notice … Greatings H
  • naxoss 16/07/2019 4:52

    Thanks a lot Mark!
  • Berthold Klammer 13/06/2019 20:52

    I‘m happy that so many photos appeal to you, thanks! Best regards Bert
  • naxoss 12/06/2019 23:51

    Thank you very much for your appreciatons!
    Kind regards from Frankfurt
  • Adele Oliver 31/05/2019 22:05

    thank you so much for all your latest appreciation … always so
     great of you to stop by … I like your work, see it often, but will
    start following you on a daily basis !!!
    warm regards from Vancouver,
  • Hailun Xie 15/05/2019 20:57

    Howay! This is me leaving a footprint... Alan
  • Gelo Charro 07/05/2019 18:17

    Muchas gracias, Mark
    Feliz semana
    Cierta atmósfera
    Cierta atmósfera
    Gelo Charro
  • Wilfried_S. 22/02/2019 22:54

    Thanks a lot for your visit.
    cu Wilfried
  • naxoss 21/01/2019 21:52

    Hello Mark, thank you very much for appreciating my fotos. Wish you also a happy new year. Apostolos
  • aorta-besler 12/01/2019 13:06

    Thank you for your intensive visit, which I really appreciate.
  • AnBes 29/12/2018 17:03

    Hi Mark, many thanks for your offer. If I can come planable I will inform you. Would be great to have a local guide for your beautiful hometown. Grüßle AnBes


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