Aranita saltarina macho 004153 (cut)(Sh+) Rotated

Aranita saltarina macho 004153 (cut)(Sh+) Rotated

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Antonio Garcia-Bellido Capdevila

Premium (Basic), Navas del Rey - MADRID

Aranita saltarina macho 004153 (cut)(Sh+) Rotated

I have rotated the little Spider by popular demand ;-)
BTW it is a male.

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  • Elena de Luis 02/06/2011 20:40

    "Ella la Araña" Te estaba esperando para la foto, no? Que pose!
  • Iolanda rodriguez 31/03/2011 13:06

    Se la ve muy bien peinadita, todos los pelillos en su sitio, y hasta parece guapa, da un poco de miedo, es autentica, saudos
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 23/12/2004 20:11

    Much better!!!
    Just looked at the other version and I really think this one is good.
    take care
  • Visiones de vida. 22/12/2004 19:36

    Hey Antonio...yes,...I like the other version as well..Man!..I spent hours wording that comment,...LOL!!!
    You are good man Antonio..just got back from the chiropractor....LOL!!...just joking around!!!
  • Antonio Garcia-Bellido Capdevila 22/12/2004 19:01

    Thank You my friends! for all your comments.
    I have downloaded a rotated version, I hope you like it very much and it is worth the loss of downloading another picture ;-) he he :-))

    Best Regards:
  • Martin Unger 22/12/2004 18:59

    But it really works better this way. Sorry for yesterdays comments. Friends again?