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Bumble Bee (Xylocopa violacea) on orange flower

Bumble Bee (Xylocopa violacea) on orange flower

1.493 12

Antonio Garcia-Bellido Capdevila

Miembro Basic, Navas del Rey - MADRID

Bumble Bee (Xylocopa violacea) on orange flower

Canon D10 f 5,6 1/125 ISO125 135mm Macro

Comentarios 12

  • Carmen Rasero 21/10/2012 23:00

    Muy buena toma!!..muy nítida.
  • Elena de Luis 02/06/2011 20:36

    Qué maravilla de contraste cromático. Preciosa!
  • Alex Padre 18/08/2005 4:25

    Nice capture!!! How about using filters or some polarizers to minimize the reflections of the shiny surface of the insect? Just a suggestion. I like this picture!!
  • KHDP 26/04/2005 1:11


  • Jan Symank 26/04/2005 1:11

    Very nice double diagonal composition, great colors.
    Very good,
    PRO from Jan !
  • Blamonge 26/04/2005 1:11

    black caught well
  • Tracy Baughman 26/04/2005 1:11

    Very Professional looking. Fantastic colors and great subject.
  • wovo 26/04/2005 1:11

    Yes, it's very colourful - but I don't think it is "something special" which should be voted for the Gallery.
    Ant technical: I miss some sharpness.
    and - as already mentioned : the signiture is quite distrubing.
    Sorry, contra
  • Antonio Garcia-Bellido Capdevila 26/04/2005 1:11

    I am very new to all of this (I have signed in today after my 12 day trial), but I though I might as well propose this very colorful picture for theGallery.
    Best Regards: Antonio
  • Tracy Baughman 04/12/2004 23:44

    Bravo !! I agree with the comments above. Magnificent!! Stunning capture of colors and nature. What a gorgeous Bee! A true winner!!

    Peace, Tracy
  • Octávio Diaz-Bérrio 25/11/2004 15:09

    Magnifico color!!
  • Anatoly Kraynikov 23/11/2004 8:08

    Wov! How it differs from the northern european!
    Bumblebee at work
    Bumblebee at work
    Anatoly Kraynikov
    Nice pic!