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  • Fausto Vacca FILLO 25/11/2016 16:16

  • Manfred Seidel 15/11/2015 12:22

    Wunderbare Stimmung im Bild !!!******
    Ganz große Klasse !!!

  • Steve Ember 01/01/2015 9:53

    A powerful and evocative image! You must have been thrilled to be there to capture this moment. One can almost hear the music.
    Compliments and all good wishes for 2015.,
  • Hardy0649 22/09/2014 12:31

    Wunderschön, diese Aufnahme.
    Gratulation zu dieser tollen Stimmung die Du da eingefangen hast.

    LG Hardy
  • Carlos García Jiménez 20/09/2014 23:17

    Guess this is one of the most beautiful thing I ever seen..the mixing up of music and the momentum, is rather artistic, moreover the reflection on the performer's spectacles is the key at this point.


  • Lawson McCulloch 20/09/2014 10:35

    A wonderful silhouette, my compliments.
    best wishes,
  • MAURICE CLEGG 12/09/2014 18:25

    a magical image with the setting sun producing all those wonderful colours and the silhouettes of the two musicians.
    best wishes, Maurice.
  • Mario Keim 11/09/2014 13:26

    Excellent work! I like it.
    LG Mario
  • Ken Piros 04/09/2014 0:37

    Excellent silhouette !
  • Tatiana Gutskova 17/06/2014 20:13

    the best!
    bw Tatiana
  • premic 05/01/2014 9:01

    Belle prise.
  • Miguel S Ramos 23/12/2013 11:48

    Beautiful, I can almost ear the music. I like silhoutes :-)
  • nachou 22/12/2013 23:59

    Oh magnifique, trop beau avec ces différents tons de rouge et noir et les sujets sont très bien cadré.
  • Mike JB 08/12/2013 16:15

    real fantastic
    LG Mike
  • dirk van Appeldorn 15/11/2013 4:56

    If I would come across this motif, my brain would explode and I would need hours to set everything right because I KNOW this will be the "One". But by then it would be already morning again and the two guys are gone ))).
    I mean: What you've made out of a quick one amazes me. It is really really (yes really) good.Shame that the guitar was cut off a bit (see? there he is again). A good photo!



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