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Premium (Pro), Wedel bei Hamburg

Into the Sunset

Back on my feet again
Out on the streets again
I hear the noise of the crowd
Many a day has passed
Since I found home at last
Losin' my head in the clouds
Indians summer's around
Finally far out of town

Wearing a tie was in vain
Catching my breath now and then
Sailing away on the ocean
Into the sunset again
Into the sunset again

Better and tossed and torn
From the day I was born
Keeping my feet on the ground
Living behind closed doors
Pictures on every floor
Showing you where I was bound
This is a different me
Finding a way to break free

Into the air I rise, into blue skies
A pool of swirling light
Me and I in free flight
The shattered glass down below
Frozen in the ebb and flow

Songtext von Fiddler’s Green

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Carpeta Dänemark
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Cámara NIKON D7000
Objetivo 18.0-105.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
Diafragma 6.3
Tiempo de exposición 1/1250
Distancia focal 105.0 mm
ISO 200

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