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No sonrian por favor / No smiles please

No sonrian por favor / No smiles please

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No sonrian por favor / No smiles please

Formal meeting in lindau with and Viki Hae
Took on 01/08/2006 at 19:12

Lindau: 2nd Aug 06
Lindau: 2nd Aug 06
Diego González Sanz

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  • paavo pohndorff 04/10/2006 13:47

    lol, nice

    i cant stop laughing ^^
  • La Imagen 20/09/2006 12:40

    eh, la chica austríaca ...
  • Heidi Schade 20/09/2006 12:40

    :o) me encanta - que graciosa la foto, las caras. Seguramente se han divertido tomando esta foto.
    un saludo, Heidi
  • Viki Hae 20/09/2006 12:05

    yes! :D
    i nearly forgot this picture :)

    hehe, our meeting was funny as you all can see it on the picture :D :D
  • Klaus Kettner 20/09/2006 11:45

  • Diego González Sanz 20/09/2006 11:39

    @Jessica: thanx. Actually Jessica, that was the idea of the picture, pose in a way so that it looks like an old times picture in which everybody looks serious and with no emotions on their face.
    It´s nice you saw it in this same way :)


    @Jinx: Yes, that one on the left its me ;)

  • Sean Roller 20/09/2006 11:21

    cool idea :) i like the red bench and the difference of their hands placement.
  • Jürgen W1 20/09/2006 11:09

    Verdad, mejor no se sonrie, porque la vida es una cosa muy seria.
  • philippa. 20/09/2006 10:56

    Yes, quite formal indeed! ;-))
    Is that you on the left, Diego?
  • Stephan Tijink 20/09/2006 10:37