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Heinz J. Theis

Premium (Basic), Koblenz

Sailing ...

... detail shot of a beautiful replica of a Hanseatic League cog (Hanse Kogge).
The ship is seaworthy and can be hired at Wismar (Baltic Sea).

Comentarios 7

  • Chris Zympilas 14/08/2013 20:18

    :) :) :)
  • Zebrahead 30/06/2008 9:54

    nice contrast. Very good work. Sailing attachment tools are always interesting to shoot. Well done.

  • Mannus Mann 25/06/2008 23:24

    gutes Bild und auf nach Wismar Boot gucken und...segeln, Manno
  • TFR 25/06/2008 20:34

    Great composition, fine colors.
  • Andreas Joseph 25/06/2008 17:47

    great shot ... wonderful composition ... the only thing that is a little bit bothering is the brightness of the first rope (just my personal opinion) ... reagrds, andreas
  • Peyman Piruz 25/06/2008 17:25

    a great composition, impressive colours and nice sharpness.
    Total klasse, gratuliere.
    "auch auf Persisch :) Kheyli Zibast."
  • piahexe 25/06/2008 13:20

    --- motiv ... farben und schnitt vom feinsten ---