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ZeZe I.

Free Account, Hannover

Comentarios 3

  • Drew Dupont 13/07/2005 5:01

    I want to shoot my self in the FOOT.. "colors cant be digital" well they can.. but they cant LOOK digital !

    What Remsi Remsen was trying to say is that you need an 81A or B filter to adjust for the blues.. a polorizer wouldn't hurt either .. Get an HMC multi Coat one
  • Remsi Remsen 29/06/2005 17:10

    since the colors are sorta "digital", i think it was better to try it B/W... just a thought

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR
  • Rohan Akunoori 16/06/2005 17:53

    Very Nicely composed, Perfect lighting in the woods creates the mood and the difinition is dramatic, However the subject has a different mood though its seems on a semi mode. If I was given a choice I would take time to let the subject/model relax and then let it consile with the atmospher and get a more some light on the subject and or postion the model where i get a soft light and create a sense of involvement with imagination and expression.
    Good work we all learn with little things,. I know you must be a pro if you intended this to be that way. But then a perfect motive would suffix.
    Just a thought.