The spirit of Scotland XXIII. A splendorous future

The spirit of Scotland XXIII. A splendorous future

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The spirit of Scotland XXIII. A splendorous future

11 d'agost de 2011
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The Festival Fringe
Edinburgh, Scotland

Fotografia: Ella
Edició: groc

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city.

Every year thousands of performers take to a multitude of stages all over Edinburgh to present shows for every taste. From big names in the world of entertainment to unknown artists looking to build their careers, the festival caters for everyone and includes theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, musicals, operas, music, exhibitions and events.

Our story dates back to 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the (then newly formed) Edinburgh International Festival, an initiative created to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War. Not being part of the official programme of the International festival didn’t stop these performers – they just went ahead and staged their shows anyway. Year on year more and more performers followed their example and in 1959 the Festival Fringe Society was created in response to the success of this growing trend.

The Society formalised the existence of this collective of performances, provided information to artists, published the Fringe programme and created a central box office. Its constitution was written in line with the ethos that brought these theatre companies to Edinburgh back in 1947: that the Society was to take no part in vetting the festival’s programme. To this day that policy remains at the core of our festival and we’re proud to include in our programme anyone with a story to tell and a venue willing to host them.

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  • Ana Iglesias 05/10/2011 0:35

    Una fotografia preciosa.Por lo que veo,has disfrutado enormemente y has realizado una fotografias magnificas.Felicidades colega.
  • SINA 04/10/2011 10:40

    ganz toll ins Bild gesetzt
    bearbeitet und gesehen Joan!!!!!!
  • dolores coll 04/10/2011 9:27

    aquí veo un poco de todo, desde el futuro yuppie, hasta el alelado, el senior management y el listillo.
  • Emilio Sirletti 04/10/2011 7:33

    Hai ben fissata l'attenzione dei bambini.
    Bellissime e naturali espressioni.
    gran bel bn.
    ciao, Emilio
  • María de la Rosa 04/10/2011 1:40

    Por uns instante me ha venido a la memoria "El niño del pijama de rayas" gran libro.
    Preciosa foto
  • Adele Oliver 04/10/2011 0:10

    Nice shot of Ella's - great to see all the different reactions on the kids faces (to the same scene on the stage).
    cheers, Adele
  • Nuria Zortém 03/10/2011 22:48

    Très bonne image !!!
  • Ana Vera 03/10/2011 22:33

    The future of Scotland


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