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Carina Bucu

Free Account, Tokyo

Sobre mi

love to take pictures of people... to capture the moment... to find beauty in ordinary things taken for granted... it's a high for me to get that...

i'm from the Philippines but i've been based in Tokyo, Japan for more than 6 years now, thus most of my photos are scenes i capture in Tokyo.

i now use an old Kiss Rebel (without autofocus) with Nifty Fifty lens. i also still use a Canon PowerShot A3400IS and an iPhone 5s.

i'm just a hobbyist and would never even dream of competing with the talent here. but my photographs are glimpses of what i find where i am and the life i live... i'm happy to have made friends who appreciate my pictures. and from what i've gathered, my writing might be better than my photography (lol)

Note: profile photo courtesy of photographer friend, Rey Fajardo. Thanks!

some people drink, some people smoke, i take pictures.......................................

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  • Sally Dunn 31/10/2010 16:48

    My pleasure, you have some lovely ones and the text you write on them is really interesting!
    Have a good day,
  • Sally Dunn 31/10/2010 16:38

    Oh bless him! Cats do the funniest things! Thank you for the comment Carina.
  • Michele Giaimo 04/01/2009 20:46

    Hi Nice!
    I like so much your style of photo...
    Like me to observe the landscapes, the people and the habits of life in Philippines!!
    I am also happy to have you known as befriends!
  • Christoph Willich 10/10/2008 12:42

    Kumusta Carina !
    Now i am very surprised what kind of
    new pics u will show soon !
    All ur fotos are very good ur comments as well !
    Kindly regards Chris .
  • Sabine KöllnXX 15/08/2008 15:07

    Hello Cari,
    thanks a lot for your comment - what you show is very interesting and I will look for your pictures now!
    With kind regands, Sabine
  • Loula Echivere 26/07/2008 7:36


    > more photos of this photographer
    > to photographer's profile
    > Section: Kids
    by Loula Echivere
    6.04.2007 at 8:51h

  • Klein Fritz 10/05/2007 3:42

    Hello Carina,

    and I thought that I am here the only fc-member who is living in the Philippines...

    Kind regards from Cebu-City...
    ...Carsten... :-)
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 11/12/2006 15:47

    Thanks ! You have a great eye !
    Yes, it's other side of the view from the colours photo.
    Greetings, Mircea
  • Claude Coeudevez 06/12/2006 22:04

    Thank you for your kind comment Carina
    Much appreciated, claude

  • Abdul Khaliq 06/12/2006 11:05

    Hi Carina,
    Thanks for your kind comment.
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 30/11/2006 17:27

    Thank you, Cari, for your comment !
    I'm glad you like my photos.
    Greetings, Mircea

  • Ran Abell 27/11/2006 19:20

    Hi. Carina

    nakita ko mga photos mo.
    Good well siyemre introduce ang pilipinas sa ibang lahi
    para naman bumisita sila sa manila diba.

    sana wag kang magsawa kakapindot ng kamera then try din sa ibang medium like black & white or experimental or editing ng photos is good also.

    till then kabayang Filipina.

    I'm Here sa Dubai for work by the way try also see my photos same website. Good DAy & Good LUCK.

  • Wiebke Q-F 16/08/2006 21:31

    Hi Carina,
    thanks for your kind words to my bug story. Those are no ladybirds but potatoe bugs. They live in potatoe plantations and destroy the plants. They are hated by every farmer. But they look beautiful with their stripes. The story is about a potatoe bug modell who is walking up and down a catway in a model show. Her dress is covered with valuable pearls. At the end (foto 8) she is tired and foto 9 she is fllying home.
    My kind regard wiebke

    Das Kartoffelkäfer Modell 2
    Das Kartoffelkäfer Modell 2
    Wiebke Q-F
  • Calvin Field 27/07/2006 14:23

    Hi Carina. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my picture. Have a great day.
  • Maguire 17/07/2006 14:10

    Thank you Carina for your kind comment on Cannoch

    Just had a dander round your portfolio// very good work. Look forward to seeing more. Stay off the smokes, stay off the drink and keep taking photos.. your enthusiasm is fantastic. Good luck.

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