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El Porte-Bonheur

Free Account, Torino

Sobre mi

I am a no-flashlight photographer out of conviction, specialized in b/w low light street photography, avoiding spectacular effects and elaborating my pictures with a minimum of layout and pp work.

I enjoy the process of visually creating an image, an emotion, and to communicate an idea or the story.

Photographing in color is a chance and challange for me to experiment with themes, strategies, concepts and the various genres in a different way.

Thank you for coming by and for your supporting comments. I appreciate very much. Good light to all of you wherever you may be. Regards, El

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  • MICHAEL stüben 01/01/2020 11:36

    Ich wünsche Dir 1 erfolgreiches neues Jahr, 12 gesunde Monate, 52 schöne Wochen, 365 tolle Tage, 8760 angenehme Stunden und 525.600 glückliche Minuten. Happy New Year!
  • Berthold Klammer 26/03/2016 11:42

    Happy Easter and best wishes - Berthold
  • Jörg Klüber 20/11/2015 23:27

    like Michael!!!!
  • MICHAEL stüben 19/05/2014 20:38

    Misisng you.....
  • Adele Oliver 22/12/2013 21:54

    I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas Season and for the New Year good health, peace and happiness !!!
    Christmas Comes Just Once A Year
    Christmas Comes Just Once A Year
    Adele Oliver

    hugs, Adele
  • Glenn Capers 06/03/2013 21:51

    You capture life well in Torino cheers
  • Silvana W. 20/01/2013 1:11

    Many thanks,El ¡
    Have a nice sunday
  • Lucia Brancati 07/01/2013 12:59

    Grazie infinite, contenta del tuo apprezzamento :-)

  • Roberto Gramola 06/01/2013 17:31

    Grazie davvero!
    Complimenti tantissimi per i tuoi spendidi bn!
  • Grimmster 06/01/2013 13:42

  • R Kilduff 02/01/2013 22:22

    I wanted to thank you for your comment about the turkeys.

  • Silvana W. 31/12/2012 13:38

    I wish you a Wonderful New Year 2013 ,dear El ¡ :-))
    a hug
  • Fernando Ortiz 31/12/2012 12:17

    Muchas gracias por tu critica y te deseo un feliz año 2013.
    Un abrazo.
  • giorgio busignani 31/12/2012 11:33

    Grazie mille per il commento e davvero sinceri complimenti, le tue foto mi piacciono moltissimo perchè oltre ad essere tecnicamente ottime, sanno comunicare la storia e le emozioni che stanno dietro lo scatto. A presto e buon 2013, giorgio.
  • Maria Vittoria Tombesi 31/12/2012 9:41

    Buon 2013!
    Ciao Vittoria
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