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F. Rodriguez

Free Account, Germany & Mallorca

Sobre mi

Photography - HD Film productions - Thermal imagery - UW photography -
Freelance-Photojournalist, registered with;

The European Press Federation & The International Press Association.

Available to cross continent assignments, in a wide area of subjects.
* For start-up models, if you are serious about building your portfolio, I do go the distance and would welcome TFP.

CANON EFs 10-22 mm 3.5
CANON EF-L IS Ultrasonic 100-400 mm
etc, etc.

PANASONIC HVX200 HD Video Equipment.

Thermal Camera FLIR-P.

NOTE: If I have marked you as “BUDDY” is because I have visited your entire portfolio and find it to contains a high degree or creativity, originality and artistically presented work. In summary, I find your work very special and by having you as buddy, I can easily track future works from you.

If, on the other hand, I have selected your photo/s in my favorite list, it is because I’d find it extremely special and contains elements that I must learn from. I hope you don’t mind.


Felix Rodriguez

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