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Juan Rodríguez-Cano

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  • Silvana W. 25/10/2013 23:37

    Good night,Juan ¡
    Do you upload photos in another place? I'd like to continue your work*
    All the best to you
  • Susana Miguel 14/01/2013 14:37

    Susana Miguel, today at 14:36h
    @Juan Rodríguez-Cano

    ¡Gracias por el cumplido!
    No es ni copia de Hopper ni tampoco me había propuesto conscientemente en imitar su estilo.
    Para la realización del cuadro me fijé en una fotografía de una revista que me gustó mucho

    Juan Rodríguez-Cano, 11.01.2013 at 15:36h
    Excelente acrílico. Me recuerda las obras de Hopper (es una copia de algo de Hopper?)

    The Reader IV - Acrylics on cardboard (Apr. 2009)
    The Reader IV - Acrylics on cardboard (Apr. 2009)
    Susana Miguel
  • Silvana W. 06/01/2013 21:52

    Thank you very much for your opinion about my work ,Juan..Really, is quite successful.
    Have a nice week*
  • Silvana W. 31/12/2012 13:01

    I wish you a Wonderful New Year 2013,dear Juan ¡¡*
    a hug
  • Silvana W. 22/12/2012 21:47

    Many thanks,Juan ¡
    I wish You and Your loved ones nice Christmas and happy New year! *
  • Silvana W. 09/12/2012 23:02

    many thanks for all your comments,Juan ¡
    Have a nice week
  • Silvana W. 29/11/2012 12:39

    Many many thanks ,Juan ¡
    Best wishes
  • Silvana W. 18/11/2012 23:38

    Many thanks ,Juan ¡
    Have a nice week
  • Silvana W. 24/09/2012 0:31

    Thank you very much for your comments¡
    Best wishes
  • Adele Oliver 22/09/2012 1:59

    Greetings and welcome to our big FC.com family. I wish you a great time here showing us your photos and looking at and finding inspiration from the images of others - and maybe you will even make some friends and get addicted to the fun :-))))
    greetings from Vancouver, Canada -
    Nature Channel Manager
  • Dragomir Vukovic 12/09/2012 18:28

    Hey Juan, you are so WELCOME to the FC creative family. Enjoy your new friends, enjoy the ride all the way !!!!!
    Dragomir ~ Special Channel Manager
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