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Pat McMullen

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Sobre mi

Caught this one today...

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Pat McMullen


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  • Andrej Nagode 25/12/2009 17:04

  • Andrej Nagode 01/01/2009 10:09

    Dear Pat,
    I wish you all the best in the new Year 2009.
    Your buddy Andrej
  • Irina Pidova 23/12/2007 19:43

    Hello PAt!

    I want to wish you Marry Christmas!
    Have a Happy New Year!
    Keep the faith
    Keep the faith
    Irina Pidova

  • Vesela Maleeva 28/11/2007 13:43

    Hi Pat,
    Thank you for your kind words on:

    red moon flower
    red moon flower
    Vesela Maleeva

    Hope to see something by you here some time!
  • Alfred Spectrum 06/05/2007 3:48

    Hi Pat,
    thanks for your vote and for leaving a comment by it!
    New Arrivals? (Reload)
    New Arrivals? (Reload)
    Alfred Spectrum
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 27/04/2007 21:01

    hi pat! great to hear from you... thanks for your comment on my cat pic! it's another screwed-up exposure thing that i thought might be fun to play with, so it's all blur basically no alterations except a little light/levels adjusment. i can pull up the techs on it...ok: iso 400, f5,
    .3 sec. 55mm, no flash. nothin' fancy, just grabbed the cam and shot (like always... :-D ). vern moved so didn't even need to pan. i think he was hopping off my lap onto the back of the couch. : )) so that's 'felinE.......'
    talk soon,
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 20/04/2007 22:47

    its me again !
    umm........ That brown structure is just the dirt bank i think and they will be building a house someday soon
    glad you like
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 20/04/2007 7:50

    thankyou heaps Pat, i have been up it but years ago, and i dont think my three year old wants to do all that hard walking, i will go up there once i have a nice day to myself
    Jaime :)
  • Simona Carli 19/04/2007 23:39

    oh thanks thanks and thanks dear Pat!!!
  • Claire Laira 19/04/2007 21:23

    Hi Pat,
    thanks for all your kind words on my pix...always good to see you stop by!
    Cheers, Claire
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 19/04/2007 20:44

    hi pat! good to see you in your profile pic!! thanks so much for your kind words on my 'bloom' pic...don't do many flowers, so i appreciate your words very much. very encouraging!
    see you soon,
  • Sirenia - Kate 19/04/2007 7:15

    Hi Pat. thanks for the comment =) i ll check your pics in the next days.

  • Dennis Maloney 18/04/2007 14:28

    Hi Pat, thanks for the visit, and the comments...this little lake is currently being over fished because a few guys went out there and caought some big black bass, 10 to 12lbs...big for this area....now they are down there everyday...it is real close, and used to be secluded, so I went there a lot, but I have only been about three times this year...well, hope you are doing better, and about ready for some fishing too...best wishes, den
  • CsomorLászló 15/04/2007 19:16

    Thank you Pat!
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