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  • Maria João Arcanjo 22/12/2009 22:52

    My best wishes for this Christmas and for the Year 2010.
  • Christian Bertero 02/03/2009 13:48

    thank you dear friend, this Carneval is in my little sicilian city of Collesano, where there is a nice tradition : people organize their own house for dance ! And people with masks must present them in all this "houses for dance" and there a local Jury notes their mask, and then the Carneval's management add all the points and declare the winners !! So young people organize themselves all the Carneval fest !!

  • Maria João Arcanjo 30/12/2008 19:15

  • Maria João Arcanjo 18/12/2008 16:29

  • Kostas.. 31/10/2008 12:37

    Thanks very much Seniorita Pepita
    Himmels Impressionen
    Himmels Impressionen

    Best regards
  • Petya L. 21/10/2008 8:26

    Hi Pepi :) Blagodarya za komentara!Dali ima po-hubava ot nashata priroda e sporen vypros,po sveta ima mnogo chudesa.No Tq si e nasha bylgarska,unikalna,diva i nepovtorima.
    Hubavi snimki imash i oshte po-hubavo,4e dyrjish na bylgarskoto i tradiciite.
  • Loona photo 20/10/2008 18:42

    hihihi, I already found you :-)) you will see - its me lubica51 :-)))
  • Loona photo 20/10/2008 11:34

    Hi Petia, to thanks too, and now we will only thanks :-)))) Is it your eye in your profile :-) ??
  • Loona photo 20/10/2008 10:21

    Dear Petia, thanks for your nice comment, he is nowaday always borring when I take picture........but also your gallery has excelent pictures :-)) I ahve seen all of them :-)
  • Michael Pascal Malaihollo MIKO 19/10/2008 12:23

    Hi Petia...
    Thanks so much for comment my pictures..

    I really appreciate it..
    Nice to meet you here on FC...
    You have a wonderful gallery too..

    Greetings from Indonesia.,
  • Der Leica - u. Frauenversteher 14/09/2008 18:30

    Keep on running
    Keep on running
    Der Leica - u. Frauenversteher

    Hi my dear Petia,
    nice to meet you, by this way.
    I'm shure, that we will see a lot of romantic and pretty photos from you.
    I will watch your works ! :o)
    Ciao - Peter

  • adriana lissandrini 13/09/2008 17:31

    Grazie Petia
    ciao Adriana
  • Seniorita.Pepita 06/09/2008 2:17

    Thank you so muuuch my dear Mariaaa :)))) LARGE HUG for you :) I won't never forget you (h)

  • Maria João Arcanjo 06/09/2008 1:32

    Glad to see youuuuuuu!!!! Big big big hug my dear Bulgarian Friend! You look gorgeous in your profile photo.

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