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Stephen Leary

Free Account, Leeds

Sobre mi

Hi. I have returned from a break from my photography. Inspiration comes and goes in waves.

I am experimenting more with HDRIs and tone mapping, as I think the potential for this relatively new technique is immense. The low dynamic range of our computer screens and prints often do not do the scene we have shot justice. Tone mapped HDRIs potentially increase perceived realism and can mimic closer what the eye (and your own buit-in image processing) sees.

Your eyes and brain heavily process the light that comes in. Local adaptive contrast is something your brain does, so why not use similar techniques in our images? Artists have been using similar techniques for centuries, and now HDRIs allow us to take local adaptive contrast in photography to new levels.

I am relatively new to HDR/tone mapping and any guidance is very welcome!

I'm currently using an Canon EOS 400D. My older photos are using the 18mm-55mm stock lens. For my later ones, a Canon 18-200mm ES-F Lens, which is working much better for me. Also have a Polarizing filter.

My much older photos were shot a long time ago with very poor none-SLR cameras. Only photos are from the last 2 years are with an SLR.


(Older profile info..)
I am interested in learning new techniques for photo editing after having been very impressed by the photos in the gallery and elsewhere on the site.
Some photos on this site are very impressive and I can see there is a lot of talent here.

I am selective about the photos I upload, as I get bored of looking at other people's average photos and don't want to subject others to the same. I am also not so impressed by photos with no originality ('has been done many times before' photos bore me) - I hate photos of flowers ;).
I would like to choose a style and stick to it, but just experimenting with a few different things at the moment, so my gallery may look a bit random. I like to express emotions and atmosphere in my photos and I hope that comes across in my work.

Feel free to offer advice/tips/criticisms/praise on my photos. All is welcome.


Still longing to get something in the gallery, if you like a photo, please submit for voting, thanks. ;)

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Kind regards,

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  • Ellen-OW 23/09/2011 7:40

    Vielen lieben Dank für diesen Stern!!!!
    Thank you very much for this star !!!!
    Pure Elegance
    Pure Elegance
  • Vill 15/05/2011 9:17

    Hello Stephen,
    thanks for your comment.

    Best wishes,
  • JOKIST 12/05/2011 18:28

    Vielen DANK !!!!!!!!

    LG Ingrid und Hans
  • Sergio Pessolano 21/10/2010 23:06

    Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting
    Sergio Pessolano

    Tone mapped

    Sergio Pessolano

    Shadow/Highlights tool in PS

    Kind Regards.
  • Vill 20/10/2010 20:29

    Hello Stephen,
    thanks for your comment!

    Greetings from North-Germany, Vill
  • Matthias Besant 05/06/2009 14:48

    Vielen Dank für Deine Abstimmung.
    Thank you very much for your vote.
  • Black Pearl Design 25/05/2009 14:32

    Thanks ....
    ~~~~Merci ....
    ~~~~~~Gracias ....
    ~~~~~~~~~Grazie ....
    greetings Katharina
  • Jürgen Cron 14/01/2009 19:59

    Thanks a lot for your Vote :-)

    best wishes,

  • Thorsten. Nolting 14/01/2008 17:14

    Hi Stphen,
    thanks for your comment and good luck with your new camera. I really like your kind of view
  • Milan Bystron 24/12/2007 5:17

    Good light, much success and much beautiful photographs.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008 the wishs Milan
  • islay mist 26/10/2007 20:20

    Hello, and thanks for your comment.

    Greetings from Bavaria to nice North-England
  • Jos Peeters 24/10/2007 16:59

    Thanks for your reaction …. and see ya !
  • beauty 23/05/2007 8:16

    I LOVE your photos
  • Irina Pidova 25/01/2007 9:12

    Thanks, Stephen for commenting my photo!

  • Colin Krieg 06/11/2006 23:06

    Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for the comment! The smoke is the exhaust gases coming out of our local wood mill. There happended to be very little wind that night, so the smoke just sort or lingered around :)
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