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Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like the photographs born from my passion for photography. I am retired and love to travel.
...I use mostly canon equipment.
...I use Photoshop CS4, Lightroom 5.5, and OnOne Perfect Suite 9 for most of my photo editing and creativity.
....thanks, den

Before retiring in 2010 I was an active member in "Professional Photographers of America", "National Association of PhotoShop Professionals" and "National Association of Nature Photographers of America". I was also privileged to photograph nesting Bald Eagles, migrating Rosetta Spoonbills, and other selected migrating birds for the manager of the "Bald Knob National Wildlife Refugee". My business was den...photography, and I did weddings, sports events (mostly youth), wildlife and nature photo-shoots, and (my favorite) macro photography. I learned a lot here at "fc" because when I saw something I liked, I inquired about how they got that effect, etc., and most everyone was willing to take the time to explain. There are a lot of "great" photographers here and most are happy to help someone, after all they were not born with their skills either... I hope everyone enjoys fc as much as I do.

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  • norma ateca norma ateca , 07:15

    Dear Dennis , I am very glad to hear from you and also to bring the good memory for your grandma, also the mine hatte this way fot to bring us something nice also under the platte was a surprise for us , that was for mine memory and I put the roses on Lovely Memory !!! Best wishes Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 03.03.15

    Thank you very much dear Dennis , each Morning I receive your letter , also your picture with your wife too, and I am very happy with . I wish your and your wife a nice day full with all the best things !! Best Wishes ;Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 01.03.15

    Thank you dear Dennis and I wish you a very happy.. Sunday Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 28.02.15

    Thank your dear Dennis for your comment . also, I wisch you one very nice day . with flowers und warm . Hier +++ als always . snow and cool. OH My Gott it tis too much ! but .. it is sooo. Greetings Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 22.02.15

    Dear Dennis.I thank your very, very much for your allwas the nice and kind letter and commets sent me ,also when you about Ireland write and told me ,es ist mir ein pleasure to read from it. and I ... go with you and your wife on the way , see and boat .... . Today ist sunday and I wish you a nice and very happy day . Greetings Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 21.02.15

    Thank you very much dear Dennis greetings LG Norma

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 20.02.15

    thank you for your comment under my Sphinx and that very interesting information .... no,
    I did not know that, Wiki is not up to date, I guess :-)))) have now attached some info for
    people to read, was on the run when I posted the image this morning !!!
    Friday a busy day, weekend coming - have a great one. We are enjoying Spring with lots of
    cherry trees and daffodils in blossom :-)))
    hugs, Adele

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 19.02.15

    Thank you dear Dennis I put this picture by one Wett. concurs ? with Spring and then , this name Frühling = spring .... I hope you like this picture too. Greetings and a good Day !! Hugs Norma

  • David Bright David Bright , 18.02.15

    Hi Dennis,
    Thought you would like this one since know you are fond of old Churches. It was built in 1492!!! About the time Columbus started the great Indian massacre! Thanks again for all your kind comments.

    Südtirol--St Magdalena Villnößtal Südtirol--St Magdale… David Bright 18.02.15 3

  • David Bright David Bright , 17.02.15

    Hi Dennis,
    Always I appreciate your comments! Thought you would get a kick out of this since we were discussing "climbing the face" :) These "women" were fun to watch

    Südtirol--Fünf Kletterer Tre Cime di Lavaredo oder Drei Zinnen Südtirol--Fünf Kletter… David Bright 06.12.14 1