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Sobre mí


Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like the photographs born from my passion for photography. I am retired and love to travel.
...I use mostly canon equipment.
...I use Photoshop CS4, Lightroom 5.5, and OnOne Perfect Suite 9 for most of my photo editing and creativity.
....thanks, den

Before retiring in 2010 I was an active member in "Professional Photographers of America", "National Association of PhotoShop Professionals" and "National Association of Nature Photographers of America". I was also privileged to photograph nesting Bald Eagles, migrating Rosetta Spoonbills, and other selected migrating birds for the manager of the "Bald Knob National Wildlife Refugee". My business was, and I did weddings, sports events (mostly youth), wildlife and nature photo-shoots, and (my favorite) macro photography. I learned a lot here at "fc" because when I saw something I liked, I inquired about how they got that effect, etc., and most everyone was willing to take the time to explain. There are a lot of "great" photographers here and most are happy to help someone, after all they were not born with their skills either... I hope everyone enjoys fc as much as I do.

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  • norma ateca norma ateca , 07.04.15

    Hello, Good Morning dear Dennis , thank you for your always wonderful comment and also I am happy with the picture with the two Roses , als you hattet your Grandmóther , Here the weather is very bad , snow, rain, cool etc. I hope you are there better !! also around with your family . Best Wishes my Friend and a Good Day !!!

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 06.04.15

    YEs, Chaito is very pleased with this flower , she takes also nice fotos . DearDennis I hope you have a nice time with your Family , hier also, it was freidlich fine quiet and wondervol. Greetings Norma

  • Coquitte Coquitte , 05.04.15

    Gracias Dennis por tu comentario. Felices Pascuas y te envío mis saludos.

    Pueblo Escondido Pueblo Escondido Coquitte 02.04.15 7

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 05.04.15

    Thank you very much and I wish you a nice EASTERN fest . greetings Norma

  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 04.04.15

    thank you Den, I feel honoured, again...wishing you wonderful Easter together with Vonya..

    Easter in the christian religion Easter in the christia… Mirjam Burer 03.04.15 35

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 04.04.15

    HOH !!! dear Dennis my Friend , I thank you tooo much for all this good comments and I am very happy with our Freundschaft . hav a nice Eastern !!! greetings Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 04.04.15

    Thank you dear Dennis for all your comments and I wish you a Happy Eastertime with your Family .yours , Norma

  • D. Ynoche D. Ynoche , 03.04.15

    thanks very much for your comment.... I wish you a lovely Eastertime - whatever you do, wherever you are...

    special hut 2 u my dear friend! from across the ocean(s)..

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 01.04.15

    Dear Dennis , we have a very bad weather, rain,snow and wind are each day , it it cold , wihtout sun or warm . BUt next week after 1o April , then we will have once more first a little piece sunshine and then more and more but NOT to much !! Have a great day my friend !! Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 01.04.15

    Good Morning dear Dennis , thank you very much for the to much comments Iam very glad to read these, also to see yours nice pictures , they are always very interessants . Also I wish you and your Wife a nice, good Pascua Fest , Best Wishes ... yours Norma