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Csaba Masznyik

Miembro Free, Budapest

Sobre mi



Comentarios 41

  • Maria João Arcanjo 30/12/2008 0:47

  • Maria João Arcanjo 17/12/2008 14:28

  • Quantxx 05/04/2008 17:54

    My greetings to Buda and Pest!
    Kate (model)

  • Emma AfroM Håkansson 24/10/2007 20:22

    I get very happy now when I'm reading your comment on
    see it III
    see it III
    Emma AfroM Håkansson

    Best Regards!
  • Susie Q 06/07/2007 7:42

    Thank you, Csaba ...

    YY Y
    YY Y
    Susie Q

    Susie Q

    Susie :o)
  • Tamara Trejo 21/06/2007 17:07

    I like your new self portrait. TT
  • Barbora Radova 18/06/2007 8:50

    Thanks for sparing your wonderful time in appreciated on my pictures.
    I'm happy you're like my pic. Also, you have pictures in great taken!!! Thanks for appreciated.
    Regards - Barbora
  • Ildiko Toth 17/05/2007 13:17

    Örülök, hogy tetszett!
    üdv, Ildikó

    On the inside
    On the inside
    Ildiko Toth
  • Inez Correia Marques 09/05/2007 16:55

    thank u Czaba
  • Adinda Gosal 08/05/2007 0:58

    Thank You So Much Csaba.....
    amazing works of yours here.....
    hope to see more Sir...i really do... ; )

  • CsomorLászló 24/04/2007 17:23

    Köszönöm Csaba!
  • Susie Q 12/04/2007 0:25

    Hi Csaba,

    Delighted you like these! Re f/300 - this relates to the f/stop of my homemade camera, given the 6½ inch (162.5 mm) focal length (diameter) of the paint can and the 0.5 mm diameter of the aperture (the f/stop would've actually been more accurately stated as f/325 - I'll edit that! lol).

    The positive was made as a contact print in the darkroom by using an enlarger to expose through the developed negative directly onto another sheet of light sensitive photographic paper, face to face (emulsion side to emulsion side), and then developing this now exposed paper into the final contact print, which was then scanned for uploading.

    If you're interested in reading about pinhole photography, this site is a good starting point, especially if you'd like to make your own camera: http://www.pinholeday.org/support/faq.php

    Cheers, Susie :o)

    Camera Obscura II
    Camera Obscura II
    Susie Q

    Photogram I
    Photogram I
    Susie Q

    Camera Obscura III
    Camera Obscura III
    Susie Q

  • Susie Q 11/04/2007 0:31

    Hi Csaba,

    Thank you for providing your impressions re my Camera Obscura shot - they're much appreciated! And yes, it really *is* a genuine camera obscura image - captured with a homemade pinhole camera (a $7 paint can, a teeny eeny weeny hole and some photographic paper!) Delighted you like it, I do too, although I suspect it won't have wide appeal! Might just post some more - thank you again for your interest and also for the portfolio referral, heading there now ...
    Camera Obscura I
    Camera Obscura I
    Susie Q

    Susie :o)
  • Marcin Cieplucha 04/04/2007 23:44

    >always a magic...
    >not easy to explain, why does the anti-photography* have >such a great power...

    It's as difficult as trying to explain your own feelings...sometimes not so difficult indeed :) It's nice to here some words of appreciation :)
  • Ildiko Toth 03/04/2007 13:25

    Nagyon tetszenek a képeid!!!
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