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Andres Garcia

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Sobre mi

i'm a taurus child,i'm a photographer, i like to be me, i like you to be you, i like to be nice, i like to be happy, i like to be helpful, i like to talk, i like to touch, i like to be assertive, i like my career, i like my world, i like my words, i like books, i like movies, i like to laugh, i like you to laugh, i like you be happy, i like you, but maybe not in the way you think, i like to be complicated, i like to be descomplicated(i know...ironic), i like to win, i like to help you win...i like to take the first step in a stair that I can't see, i like to take your hand, i like to hug, i like me, i like to walk.

maybe i'm to pink for this world, or even for you, but thats me, the one that likes existentialism, and the one that likes to see the starlit night with you, thats me a nice and kind friend, a real, the one that choose his path, thas me, the ambition, the pleasure, thats me.

i really love to kiss, and to cook, those are the best things in the life...i like pleasure, sensuality, devovion, passion, senses, hard breath, affection, love, ecstasy, calm, hugs, again...tommorrow
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