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Miembro Free, Saint Petersburg

Sobre mi


Hello everybody!
My name is Sergey.
Photography is my hobby since my youth. Yes! I lived in the era of 'red light in a dark room'!

I represent the North-West of Russia, where are the Cities of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, St. Petersburg City and the small town Borovichi (Velikiy Novgorod region) also. In different times I live or I lived in each of them.

The part of my life was devoted to marine profession. My first pictures were published on board of ships ('hand made' newspapers on the wall).
Later I was a photo-reporter for marine mass media. One of them was 'Soviet Shipping' journal - https://commons.wmu.se/wmu_news/341/

And now, after a pause I'm trying to master digital technology. I take pictures in different genres. Among them are landscape, portrait, still life and reportage photography. I also love the humour in photography.

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