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Lorena Gomez-Garcia

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When I met Ulrich Neuhäusler, my husband, my accomplice, in France in a party without more expectations than to drink and chat (later on he dared dancing with me Latin music in a disco for the first and last time), his first words said to me were to recommend me a German beer.
The date? November 24th, 2001.
The consequence? Love at the first sight.

Months later, I gave him a big poster of a black and white photo taken in 1954 in Peru by a famous Swiss photojournalist, Werner Bischof.
The photo? Flute player.
The consequence? A project of Life together.

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  • Lorena Gomez-Garcia 29/09/2006 9:24

    This time I will do it in English in order to not make a "melange" of languages. Here we go again. What a mess! I can not help it. My life has become a "melange" of languages. This is what I can say about me right now. Am I " melange"??? I hope not. My husband and I talk in English each other. I talk to my daughter in Spanish and my husband to her, in German. When my mother is near, not so often, we switch to French but it ´s just here when I feel the real "melange". We are not fluent anymore in French, even that we met in Grenoble, France, where we were living.
    Anyway, the point that I´m here in this community is that I´m coming back to reality. I´m a new mother and in the last 18 months, I´ve been more than me. Weird to say, isn´t it? I´ve been two people with two souls, like a Siamese, where the stronger and source of enery and food was me. What a work! But now it´s quite rewarding to see how our baby gets independent. Soon she will start walking in her own pad, with her own will.
    I feel that I´m Lorena again, I mean, in the same level than mother, of course. So, that´s why I start feeling like writing and taking pictures. However, let´s begin with what I did before...
    Check my blog: www.lorenadelperu.blogspot.com
    Sorry, I prefer writing in Spanish.
    The picture in my profile is a self-portrait.
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