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simon brauer

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Quito, June 22, 1973.

B.A in Arts, Minor in Film, Universidad San Francisco de Quito (2000).

Simon Brauer
Simon Brauer is a Ecuadorian photographer and director of photography.
Born in Quito Ecuador, June 22 1973.
Simon has contributed to several advertising agencies, magazines and books. As of today, he has had the following photography shows: Costa by pass (2005) and Junk Love (2005), both held in Quito. His career as a photographer veers towards the artistic, where experimentation, passion and knowledge are the fundamental tools to always create something new. That is the reason behind Neurona Digital, a company he created in conjunction with his wife and fellow photographer Lorena Cordero in 2005. The company is dedicated to all the aspects of photography, and has all the resources needed to produce pictures at all levels and share experiences with other visual artists in the country and overseas.
Simon has served as a Director of Photography in several projects, amongst them ‘Dr. X’, Martin Espinosa’s experimental short film shot using only still photography.
He has also distinguished himself as a writer/director and DP of music videos for several well know Ecuadorian musicians.
He currently lives and works in Quito, Ecuador, with his wife Lorena and daughter Rebeca.

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  • melmar 04/05/2013 0:19

    Hola Simon, acabo de comentar una de tus fotos. Por lo cual entre en tu perfil. Eres un fotografo magnifico y con una vista muy distinta que los demas. He conocido varios fotografos de alta calidad, todos con su propia vista a la fotografia y cada uno fantasticos en ello. Igual que tu. Me da gusto de ver, cuanta calidad hay en fc. Tantos fotografos, de los que pueda aprender. Te mando un saludo de España
  • DANI POWELL 03/07/2008 17:09

    Muy buena toda la serie de jinetes y animales, espectaculares escenas. Great work!!!!!!!!
    Dorado verano
    Dorado verano
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