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Constantinos Grigoriadis

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"Let's share together my friend,

The bread of life.

We are all slaves in this nice land.

Let's all work together for eternity,

Till we earn,

One by one,

The ticket to return there from that where we came...

To the country of Liberty."

Constantinos Grigoriadis
Copyright © 2007

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Constantinos Grigoriadis is a Greek Writer - Poet.
Born in Thessaloniki-Greece.
A number of his poems have been translated in many languages and have been included in Anthologies,Post Cards, Web Sites for Poetry etc...)
A new book with Constantinos Grigoriadis' poems with the title “Dear Soul” is already out for sell.
The poems of this book contain themes about Intentity, Life, Death and Love.
If you are interested in obtaining this collection of poetry,
please visit or contact the following bookstores :

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Comentarios 11

  • Bjoern Kupper 08/07/2008 19:49

    Gia sou Constantine!
    Se efxaristo poly gia to comment sou sto

    Oraia pou briskei kaneis Ellines edo sto community!!
    Pollous xairetismous kai kalo bradi,
  • aegean rainbow 28/11/2007 19:26

    Constantine yeia sou,
    Eyharisto gia thn apanthsh sou...Entypwsiasthka apo
    tis fotografies kai ta poihmata sou..!!
    Regards apo thn Athina.
    aegean rainbow
  • WolfTek 12/09/2007 10:08

    Thanks for your answer. When i will be in your beautiful city next time, I will contact you for a Frappé for sure.
  • WolfTek 11/09/2007 17:03

    After fortunately finding your picture of White Tower in Thessaloniki, I am VERY impressed of your poem in profile - how world develops - or not....
  • Antonis Kyrou 11/04/2007 16:59

    Antonis Kyrou

    xairetismata apo Düsseldorf.
    anixe h kardia moy molis sas brika
    Filia sti Thessaloniki.
    Xaireto A.Kyrou
  • Torsten Buchholz 30/01/2007 12:53

    Thank you Constantinos for the great pictures and your comments to my pictures.

    It's a great Idea to drink a Frappe in Tessaloniki
    Thank you for that. This Year we do not travel to creek.
    Next yearr - I hope so.
    greetings Torsten
  • Torsten Buchholz 04/12/2006 12:19

    Hello Constantinos,
    thank you for your nice information.
    I like your Photos, The Photos you made are not the typical Tourist - Photos. Your Pictures discribe the Creek life.
    I'm very interesting to see more from you.
    greetings Torsten
  • Constantinos Grigoriadis 08/06/2006 9:15

    giasou giorgo. pragmati kalo einai na briskei kaneis pantou ellhnes.eisai o protos ellhnas pou synanto edo.
    na eisai panta kala kai na pernas kala.
  • Alex Giogios 07/06/2006 17:58

    Giassou File

    Kalo Einai na exoume kai kanenan Ellina edo ;)

  • Emotional Life Photography 28/05/2006 20:25


    willkommen und viel spass in der verrückten welt der fc...

    lg, isa ;-)

  • R.P. 28/05/2006 11:24

    Herzlich Willkommen hier bei fc,
    wünsche dir viel spaß,jede menge neue anregungen und schöne motive,und immer gutes licht.

    gruß Ralf
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