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  • Pfriemer 08/07/2022 16:53

    Hallo Patrick, ich freue mich über unsere neu geschlossene Fotofreundschaft und über Dein Interesse an meine Fotogalerie, Grüße herzlich aus Bangkok nach Bogota, Wolfgang
  • sawsengee 05/07/2022 8:45

    Hello Patrick, thank you for your pleasant comments on my photos......yes, please consider adding Pushkar Rajasthan to your travel list when in India.  For me, Rajasthan is the best for any states in India (though each state has its own beauty), but Pushkar is my favourite gem, where it is the only place in the world that has a Brahma temple, there are thousands and millions of Siva and Vishnu temples but only 1 Brahma temple.  Siva (Destroyer and Creator) Vishnu (Preserver) and Brahma (the creator) form the holy trinity in the Hinduism religion.  If you have the time, please visit my other photo websites to see more photos of my  travels in India, here is a link:
    All the best to you in Bogota and GREETINGS to you from Malaysia. 
  • criscros 26/06/2022 21:48

    Hallo, Patrick!
    Vielen Dank für Dein intensives Interesse an meinen Fotos...und natürlich für die Lobe..
    LG  criscros
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