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Joan D'Oliv

Free Account, São Paulo

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  • Maguire 13/11/2008 12:33

    I like that you changed your angle of view from the last shot.. nive work. I preferred the tones you used in the previous photos.. but that is just preference,, the tones here are a bit too green for my liking.

    Suggest you look at the digital settings that replicate some of the traditional b&w analogue film tonal qualities and stick to those. (the RGB settings) They were developed over many, many years for their visual impact in documentary photography. They are available and if you have trouble finf=ding them then I can pass them on to you. Alternativley if you are using photoshop you can buy 'actions' that will convert colour digital images into exact film tones like Fuji and Kodak.

    Great work.. nice to see quality documentary photography.