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  • drea . 01/02/2007 20:49

    hey Diego,
    really nice picture and i like the perspective, but, for my taste it has a little too much contrast.
  • La Imagen 31/01/2007 18:08


  • Diego González Sanz 31/01/2007 8:29

    @Thank u all
    Viki: Yep, in the island! And i remember quite well there was a small ice-cream shop in front of it. What do u mind with a lower perspective?
  • Viki Hae 31/01/2007 0:32

    in good old lindau? :D
    mmhh. i don´t know the place. it isn´t on the island?

    maybe a lower perspective would be better, i don´t know.

    but i like the red car.
  • Diego González Sanz 30/01/2007 23:59

    @Aaron: Mmm.. don´t ask me anything about the car except the colour cause i won´t know :). Yep it´s tilting a lil bit to the right but i think it´s because of the perspective.
    Well, actually i "broke my head" to choose a good cut for the pic, but i couldn´t remve the plastic

    Ah and one last thing! That´s in Lindau!

  • Johnny Be 30/01/2007 23:49

    sehr cooles pic. den rahmen hättest du besser hingekriegt, aber sonst: erste SAHNE!