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Faces of Iran - Selfies

Faces of Iran - Selfies

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Greg GE

Free Account, Genève (Genf)

Faces of Iran - Selfies

Iranian tourists in Kashan - people like any other, the scarf... a fashion accessoire.

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  • Claudio Micheli 14/12/2019 14:04

    A great one!
  • Kackvogel 08/07/2019 11:21

    Das Motiv kann man mittlerweile beinahe schon als klassisch bezeichnen. Man findet es an jeder Straßenecke. So gelungen wie hier sieht man es aber selten umgesetzt. Grüße Karl
  • Kombizz Kashani 07/03/2019 10:18

    nice taking
  • Gerhard Körsgen 30/01/2019 2:48

    trés schique
  • markkeville 21/01/2019 11:01

    What is not to like ?
    It is a constant puzzle or challenge - how best to take a picture of people who themselves are taking a picture ? This is better than any of mine own attempts at this , these past five years.
     The expressions on the faces are lovely ; the hand gestures are lovely ; and the composition contributes to the over-all impact.
    I am only left wondering - did they know that you were photographing them ? Did you ask them if it was OK to do so ?  I myself would probably shy away from trying this picture.  I am not brave enough. 
    • Greg GE 21/01/2019 22:25

      Dear Mark, thank you for your comment ! Well, this group had caught my attention, they were cheerful and relaxed, so when I saw that they were going to take a selfie, I climbed up a step, and shot the scene. It just felt ok.
      Knowing that I can show and share my photos on the spot also gives me confidence. People that take selfies are usually quite happy to get even more nice shots... just like here : the whole encounter became a 10 minute photo session with beautiful spontaneous portraits. A win-win situation for all thanks to wifi, Bluetooth and co :-)
    • markkeville 22/01/2019 0:08

      Thankyou. I can now better picture the whole drama.
       Climbing up a step probably made the picture.
       If you had taken it at the same level of the people - it would not have been anything like as strong.
      I think i need to try and be more sociable in my own street photography. It's a challenge.
    • Greg GE 22/01/2019 22:02

      You are right, Mark, it is a big challenge, and no single approach to shooting people will fit all situations ! More or less explicitly, secretly, asking first etc.
      Thinking of it... maybe the curiosity and fun to meet the subject as a person should come first, and the intention to make a photo second. This is how I like it. Make your subject(s) feel that you are sharing a special moment - a special view, whatever - and create trust or good vibes or some understanding that will allow you to make photos. The photos will reflect, of course, the way they feel about being photographed.
      I do prefer this to taking photos stealthily or candidly - even though I also that when I see no other choice ;-)
  • Südgrat 13/01/2019 21:47

    klasse Szene, Zeitgeist, LG Manfred
  • noblog 09/12/2018 11:26

    wunderschöne Szene
    LG Norbert
  • Steve Ember 20/11/2018 9:19

    Your photo of these attractive young ladies - in that universal activity - captures the contagious joy of friends traveling together. Nicely captured!
  • Natalia 5 08/11/2018 13:01

    Good time! What lovely models you have! With best wishes,Natalia
    • Greg GE 18/11/2018 11:51

      :-) Seeing them making selfies I gathered they wouldn't mind me taking a photo of them, too !
  • Rpix 02/11/2018 17:24

    Schöne Doku.
  • Thomas Tilker 02/11/2018 11:22

    ...sie geben dem Iran ein freundliches und sympathisches Gesicht...schöne Szene!
    LG Thom