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Gabriel Pluas

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Gabriel Pluas desea expresamente feedback constructivo para esta fotografía. Ayúdalo con consejos sobre la composición de la imagen, la técnica, el lenguaje de la imagen, etc. (Por favor, ¡ten en cuenta el código de conducta!).
  • fotographication 28/06/2020 16:31

    Hello Gabriel,
    you are showing a well assembles portrait and I very much like the high (black) top.
    Personally (!!!) I would have tried to backlight the girl a bit at the shoot and /or try to lighten it in post while - at the same time - reducing the lights in the bowl a bit.
    This is mainly because the hair obscures a part of her face and then I want to actually see (the dimensions of) the hair. 
    Also, (because for me it's a gorgeous portrait) it's not fit for printing - and I really would like to have it on the wall!


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Cámara Canon PowerShot SX510 HS
Objetivo 4.3-129.0 mm
Diafragma 3.4
Tiempo de exposición 1/80
Distancia focal 4.3 mm
ISO 800