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Javier en las vias

Javier en las vias

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Javier en las vias

Experiment from a digital picture.

Comentarios 11

  • Angie j.j 04/01/2009 8:45

    Muy buena
  • drea . 06/04/2007 15:29

    wow... i really like it, but i think without the frame it's better.
    greets, Andrea
  • paavo pohndorff 03/04/2007 17:12

    cheater! ;)
  • Viki Hae 02/04/2007 21:36

    i just like to note also the small things.. :P

    no tiquismiquis, "nitpicker", "fusspot" or whatever :P
  • Diego González Sanz 02/04/2007 20:38

    @Hae : Hahaha you r too "tiquismiquis" as we say in spanish (guess the meaning) you may call it to be exigent :)

    Thanks viki! cu!

  • Viki Hae 02/04/2007 20:33

    nice experiment :)

    like it, but the white strip at the left/top irritates me a bit. i think, this couldn´t happen on a real analog pic ;)
  • sein oder nicht sein 02/04/2007 20:17

    ok translation
    this picture smashes me down.
    the face, his view (?!) - looking, the cut, the colours and contrast - -great
    only the black corners, i don't like that much...
    many greetings from cold bavaria
  • La Imagen 02/04/2007 20:11

    buena, buena ...
    un fuerte saludo
  • Diego González Sanz 02/04/2007 20:09

    oh wait wait.. i´m sorry Lila but altough i wish to i cant read your comment (i cant speak german (yet)) Thanks anyway. Would you be so kind to re-write it in spanish? :)

    warm regards from Madrid ;)
  • sein oder nicht sein 02/04/2007 20:04

    waoh, dieses bild haut mich um
    der gesichtsausdruck ist toll, der schnitt super gelungen, die farbigkeit, der kontrast... toll
    allein die schwarze begrenzung ind en ecken finde ich etwas ungelungen...
    lg lila