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Little Popular School House

Little Popular School House

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Michael Henderson

Free Account, Madison County, North Carolina

Little Popular School House

An old School house that served grade 1 through 12. On the campus of Mitchell High School, North Carolina.

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  • John Moore 13/08/2007 14:39

    What a quaint little school mate, it is a real beauty and may it be preserved evermore.
    Love it!!

  • Maria João Arcanjo 16/06/2007 12:56

    Its a great document.
  • Dennis Maloney 14/06/2007 23:36

    Super image of this rustic old school house...as you know this type of structure was somewhat common in the south and southwest, although not many survived. It is what is refered to as a board and bat single wall structure, and is of mid 1800s prairie style architechture....I love old buildings,thanks for sharing this one, den
  • Pascal Viyer 01/06/2007 15:33

    VEry good image !
    amitié Mike
  • Fritz Ehemann 29/05/2007 15:50

    A real great picture!!!

  • KasiaD 01/05/2007 19:52

    Learning was a community spirit in those days with so many different age groups together. Maybe annoying at times though. Such schools - though more modern - still exist in many outlying districts of the world.
    Very nicely captured. Kathryn
  • Inez Correia Marques 07/04/2007 15:56

    wonderful photo and very well composed.. #
  • Ralph Bache 07/04/2007 1:27

    A reality mood, wonderful picture, i like it, regards, Ralph.
  • Massimo Carolla 29/03/2007 18:27

    yes a shot with a sense of history, thanks for sharing this , ciao Massimo
  • Allan Thompson 26/03/2007 21:27

    A great sense of history is invoked here,well captured!!
  • Dragomir Vukovic 25/03/2007 1:30

    grounded and beautiful ^^^
  • Joh Barrett 24/03/2007 23:47

    my fathers school house was opened at the same time as this one....in a little place called garra..mid west of nsw.nice.joh.
  • Peter Aurand 24/03/2007 19:34

    Nice shot with clear structure. A very interesting school house!
  • PINDORIUS 22/03/2007 21:27

    good detail and composition
    I am not sure about the background and the sky colour
  • Mark Johnston 22/03/2007 19:55

    Love the subject. After skimming through a book on the southwest's ghost towns Im hoping to go hunting for some this summer!