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To someone stars are forbidden.
To someone wings.
Or swallows

I don’t forbid anything.
Everything that is not allowed is allowed.
I have only one request:
try not to grow
not an inch, in spite of everyone,
until the end of this poem.
In the song you live
and crazy.
You can invent.
Do everything backwards.

In it, even the biggest miracle
stops being a miracle,
because everything you wish for
when you close your eyes
– remains forever like that.

Get those childish spites out
bravely and wonderfully
and lie to yourself.
Everything that is not allowed is allowed.

And more than everything is allowed!

My only one: don’t grow
in spite of you and me
until the end of this song.

And every time they break you,
so you have to create a new dream,
don’t dream it in the dark
Run faster to the dawn.
At doorstep of this song
so wonderfully fight
and when you only blink
and smile slowly

Count till ten
and turn that into eternity.
And everything that you think of with your eyes closed
will stay like that always.
Mika Antic

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Cámara NIKON D3100
Objetivo 24.0-85.0 mm f/3.5-4.5
Diafragma 9
Tiempo de exposición 1/320
Distancia focal 45.0 mm
ISO 100

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