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Two sweet ladies...

Two sweet ladies...

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Two sweet ladies...

Granny Katina (in front) and my aunt Thomais were the only two permanent inhabitants in my village, Dasaki-Grevena, Greece. I say “were” because Katina passed away a year ago at the age of 92yrs. The period between the two wars (mesopolemos era) there were forty families living in my village, but as in most rural areas in Greece, their population reduced dramatically because of disasters striking during and after the WW2 and the following Civil War (1946-49). Katrina’s family moved to Soviet Union and returned to Greece and her village at the late 1980’s. My aunt Thomais is still sound and alive at the age of 93yrs, God bless her. Katina's departure in heaven cost my aunt a lot, as she was her only friend and companion for over 25 years. Forty years ago during the Cicil War our families were in opposite fronts fighting each other…

Comentarios 3

  • Christos Banos 26/12/2016 12:09

    Very strong picture!
    Very correct, Alexander reference images of Meletzis!
  • alexander stefanatos 24/12/2016 12:20

    Biblical figures, very expressive like those of Meletzis in his photos from the mountain war....
    In every civil war there are opposite family fronts, Dimitri.....
    kala xristougenna kai ygeia thn nea xronia
  • Adele Oliver 20/12/2016 23:28

    a strong double portrait of your two aunts from this angle and in black and white .... and a very moving story of life and love and war and history in your village !!!!
    warm regards,


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Cámara NIKON D700
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Diafragma 7.1
Tiempo de exposición 1/20
Distancia focal 116.0 mm
ISO 400

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