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Carlo Pollaci

I am a street photographer.
I am attracted by urban and historians areas, that are the unrivaled scenery theater showing the spectacle of life.
I love photographing people.
I love the beautiful, but I have no hesitation to describing when i encounter the intrusive "ugliness" of everyday. However I avoid situations easy pietism and even more "let alone" the most vulnerable against the society or showing falls of human dignity.
I shoot in the conditions of time and light as I find them, without special technical measures. I do not like poses, neither the exaggerations photographs.
Lately I started to shoot in analog.

In this community I hope, with your help, to improve my English.
I am sorry for the inevitable errors in titles and captions of my photos and thank you for the corrections that you will suggest.

All images published here are copyright and property of Carlo Pollaci and all reproduction rights are protected.

Profile photo by Marca Barone

My first photo in Home. I thank the Team (19/03/2013)
Difficult cohabitation of vegetables and cigarettes
Difficult cohabitation of vegetables and cigarettes

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  • Laura Daddabbo 13/01/2023 8:31

    grazie Carlo per l'attenzione gentile!
    Un caro saluto e una buona giornata,
  • Fernando Anzani 07/01/2023 15:04

    Tante grazie per la tua visita e gli apprezzamenti, molto graditi. Ciao. Fernando.
    Le notizie del giorno
    Le notizie del giorno
    Fernando Anzani
    Fernando Anzani
    Pic-nic in città
    Pic-nic in città
    Fernando Anzani
  • Frank Lamberty 06/01/2023 23:38

    Hi Carlo,
    beeindruckendes Portfolio, besonders deine S/W Aufnahme finde ich klasse.
    LG Frank
  • Graeme Allan 06/12/2022 12:11

    Hi Carlo
    Thanks for the reply.
    You are 'Carlo'. I am 'Graeme'. Allan is my family name 
    Cheers :-)
  • Graeme Allan 06/12/2022 11:02

    Hi Carlo
    I hope eruptions and floods are not 'restricting your opportunities' in Palermo :-)
    Just invested in a Fujifilm XE4. Heavy snow here for the next few days so I'll have to pick my time to christen it.
    Cheers from All-White Kaunas!
  • Fernando Anzani 03/12/2022 15:00

    Grazie infinite per la tua attenzione. Ciao. Fernando.
    ST 2
    ST 2
    Fernando Anzani
  • Graeme Allan 30/11/2022 16:00

    Hi Carlo. I would be very happy to be in Palermo, even if 'Winter' at this time of year but -14 tomorrow means it's time to polish filters and get ready for 2023. Happy Christmas from Kaunas!
  • gorzitze dieter 24/11/2022 9:52

    Danke für dein Lob !
    Wir hatten die Star Clipper immer nur von weitem gesehen,
    aber dank glücklicher Umstände kamen wir dann auf einen knappen Kilometer heran.
    So gelang diese Aufnahme .

    VG Dieter
  • Fernando Anzani 22/11/2022 17:30

    Tante grazie per la tua visita. Molto gentile. Ciao. Fernando.
    Full Color  (F)
    Full Color (F)
    Fernando Anzani
    Fernando Anzani
    Au café Florian à Venise.
    Au café Florian à Venise.
    Fernando Anzani
  • Enrico Manna 16/11/2022 9:38

    le tue fotografie mi sono piaciute da sempre perchè guardandole si capisce con quale passione sono state realizzate. Le street sono insieme a quelle sportive le fotografie che più mi piacciono, e le tue in maniera particolare. Spero un giorno di incontrarti. Complimenti anche alla tua signora. Le sue foto sono fantastiche e per quanto ho provato non sono mai riuscito a trovare quei colori così particolare e belli. Buona giornata amico mio
  • alexander stefanatos 13/11/2022 9:03

    Caro amico,
    e davvero una felicita girovare tra le due foto e studiare volti e movimenti. Si puo trascorrere del tempo su ogni foto!...Gracie anche per la tua attentione su le mie serie.
  • Fernando Anzani 07/11/2022 16:14

    Grazie tante per la visita e l' apprezzamento. Molto gentile. Ciao. Fernando.
    Full Color  (F)
    Full Color (F)
    Fernando Anzani
  • Graeme Allan 01/11/2022 9:35

    Hi Carlo,
    Kaunas had sun yesterday. I exploited that :-) Today, rain. Possibly winter has arrived and this 'street season' is over? It would be great to have some of your heat and sun but I am satisfied with what I can enjoy. A difficult year for me but things are 'looking up' with high hopes for March or April, 2023. Cheers from Kaunas!
  • Enzo Leprai 19/10/2022 13:56

    Ciao Carlo,
    ti ringrazio per aver scelto una mia foto per la gallery, per me è veramente un onore, soprattutto perchè la proposta viene da te, uno dei migliori street reporter che conosco.
    grazie di nuovo
  • Tom Knobi 17/10/2022 8:46

    Hello from Hamburg,
    thank you for praising the picture Photopia Landschaft -1.
    Best wishes from Germany, Tom
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