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My name is digwas......from india
One of my passion is to take pictures of all kinds, tough.........
I hope to learn a few things about "Photographing" and I also hope that some of my pictures get positive comments from photographers !...........thx

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  • Brilliant-Photos 31/12/2010 20:01

    good wishes......for the new year...from berlin

    greets Tanja
  • Magdalena Nizio 25/05/2010 21:01

    Thank you for a nice comment:) Have a nice day:)
  • oq 06/01/2010 8:25

    Happy new year! And thank you for your appreciation on my photo :
  • Uwe Lamm 01/01/2010 15:55

    I wish you a glad, healthy and happy new year - and always good light.
    Greeting Uwe
  • Josef Strohmayer 28/12/2009 8:38

    Hello Digwas
    Thanks very much for your nice comment.
    I like you pictures very well. For you are this pictures from your home country, but for me are they from other continent. I take you on orange that I can not missing any new pictures from you in future.
    Best Regards
  • Owen McLeod 22/12/2009 18:05

    Thanks Digwas. I took this picture yesterday morning taking the dog for a walk. It was almost black and white even before I converted it. Glad you like it.
  • Owen McLeod 20/12/2009 8:23

    Thanks Digwas... believe it or not I took these pictures in 2007 in local cafes just outside Florence Italy. Never thought much of them until I looked at them again last night.
  • Catalin Fudulu 20/12/2009 7:48

    Noise is determined by the wind that scatters the snow. Tnx for the visit. Greetings.
  • Catalin Fudulu 19/12/2009 8:43

    Roger, thanks for details.
    Greetings from Romania.
  • Owen McLeod 18/12/2009 18:50

    Thanks - Although, I did not take this shot, I liked it. This is me getting a glimpse of the landmass that I am decended from, but never set foot on. It was a cool moment for me. I should probably change the name to " View of Ancestrial Motherland."
  • Brilliant-Photos 18/12/2009 18:45

    i Thank you.. for your very nice comments and for your visit.
    best regards from Berlin to India
  • Owen McLeod 18/12/2009 17:22

    I took this two years ago with a S3 (Canon)... when I was visiting France. I left the wheels blurred on purpose... but I guess I could have cleaned up the edges better.
  • Owen McLeod 17/12/2009 19:16

  • Owen McLeod 15/12/2009 19:45

    Thank you.
  • Owen McLeod 14/12/2009 17:37

    thanks for the feedback... I will refinish and repost at a later time. The original shot does not have any noise.
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