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gert-olof nickel

Premium (Pro), Älta

Sobre mi

Hallo, I am Gert-Olof living in Älta about 15 km:s from the centre of Stockholm. I have always loved to bee in the nature and now when I am retired I spend several hours there almost every day if the wheather isn't too bad.
Most of my photos are from the district here and some are from the high mountains of Åre and the Stockholm archipelago.
I hope my photos will give you some pleasure and I am very happy that you will look at them.
My cameras are Sony Alpha 77, Sony Alpha 77 II, lens Tamron 150-600, and some normal lenses. Now I just bought me a SONY RX10:IV
I am not so good in giving comments myself but I appreciate that you take you time to look at my photos and I will be grateful for all point of views of my photos and I get much inspiration of your photos.
Best regards

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