Jeffry Surianto

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  • Milan B 25/05/2008 8:24

    Wonderful gallery:))

  • Rieva Azrul A 17/10/2007 8:01

    salam kenal om
    seneng de makin banyak member indonesianya :)
  • Stu Good 07/03/2006 12:47

    Hi Jeffry,
    Just looked at your photos, there's some lovely shots there.
    Tell us a little in your profile about your equipment and experience that way you'll get more comments.
    Use the buddy system to make sure you don't miss photos from people whose work you admire thats another good way of receiving comments.
    Regards, Stu.
  • Dominikus Septiasto 24/01/2006 9:43

    wah..foto anda bagus2 sekali..
    salam kenal ya..thanks..
  • When 06/01/2006 7:48

    Welcome to FC. We have a great time here. Hope you enjoy yourself.
  • Danny W. Wilson 01/01/2006 8:16

    Welcome to the FC!
    Crystal 3
    Crystal 3
    Danny W. Wilson

  • Der Zacki 29/12/2005 17:58

    Hello Jeffry,

    Welcome the the
    The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences.
    So I hope you will enjoy it and if you have further
    questions don't hesitate to contact anybody from the support team.

    Our info system is up right now but it is growing permanent:

    cheers Peter
    Channelmanager Nature

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