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Hi and welcome to my personal profile!

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As a Community Manager I view several hundred photos a day, thousands in a month. If you find a comment from me, your photo has been an "eye-catcher" for me, which I found worth commenting. As a rule, I combine comments with an "appreciation" at the same time.

Als Community Manager sehe ich mir mehrere hundert Fotos am Tag an, tausende im Monat. Findest Du einen Kommentar von mir, war Dein Foto für mich ein "eye-catcher", der es mir wert war, zu schreiben. In der Regel verbinde ich einen Kommentar deshalb auch zugleich mit einem "Lob".

Hauptsächlich fotografiere ich auf Reisen. Seit mehr als 30 Jahren bin ich mit meiner Familie oft in den USA unterwegs. Nur noch Hawaii fehlt auf der Liste der 50 Staaten. Wir bewegen uns viel abseits der ausgetretenen Touristenpfade.

Wer interessiert ist: gerade habe ich begonnen, meine Geschichten und Reiseziele, fotografisch illustriert, in einem kleinen blog zu veröffentlichen.
Hier ist die Adresse:

Mainly I take pictures while traveling. For over 30 years I am traveling with my family through the United States. Only Hawaii is missing on the list of the 50 states. We love to travel off the beaten tourist tracks.

My profile photo is of 2013 in front of Portage Glacier, Alaska. A nice guy from Detroit, with whom I was talking about photography during the trip, took the picture.

I am the Country Manager of But as team we would like to make this community worth to be your favourite. In any case just let us know, what we can do for you. We try hard.

Since 12/2003 I am a member of fotocommunity and I really enjoy the chance to communicate with photographers all over the world. I´ve learned so much. I will try my very best to help you with any question or situation. Feel free to contact me at any time, easiest way will be a mail to support.

Oooops, a star .......:-)

Shell und McDonalds - mehr nicht
Shell und McDonalds - mehr nicht
Matthias Moritz

Since that time I´ve got some more, however, its not important to me.

My first photo, I proposed for gallery, but didn´t make it:

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  • David Arduini 24/03/2024 15:53

    Hi Matthias Thank you. Ciao David
  • David Arduini 07/03/2024 22:03

    Hi Matthias thank you, Ciao David
  • David Arduini 09/02/2024 16:42

    Hi Matthias thank you. I'm spending a little more time experimenting, now I need to travel.  ciao David
  • David Arduini 03/02/2024 15:18

    Hi Matthias thank you, I love  old signs with color.   David
  • Alex Kozhukhov 03/02/2024 5:05

    Dear Matthias, thanx again for your attention and kind comments! BR Alex.
  • David Arduini 25/01/2024 0:48

    Hi Matthias, thanks. The California coast area was awesome. I was very happy, especially when there is fog 5 hours a day.
  • David Arduini 16/01/2024 15:54

    Hey Matthias, thank for taking a look at my photos. I haven't posted for a while but I am getting back into it.  Take care David
  • Graeme Allan 14/08/2023 7:36

    Hi Matthias,
    Lithuania in October is not a good option - sub-Arctic cold, rain and even snow. The best time to come is June and July.
  • Kharmencita 24/01/2023 20:29

    Herzlichen Dank, Matthias, für Dein Lob, es freut mich und Dein Lob bedeutet mir sehr viel :-) Happy New Year 2023!
    LG Kharmencita
  • Mario F Meier 17/10/2022 21:15

    Vielen Dank für Lob und Kommentare. Herzliche Grüsse

    Delicious Purple
    Delicious Purple
    Mario F Meier

    Living Mangrove - Night Heron
    Living Mangrove - Night Heron
    Mario F Meier
  • Norma 21/07/2022 10:29

    Hi Matthias, Thanks for your welcome! :-) Great to hear you are a fan like me. The album "Rumours"  was also my first album; especially "Gold dust woman" inspired me to sing. We play in theaters in the Netherlands. Kind regards Norma
  • † Remesco 02/07/2022 11:05

    Danke Matthias für meinem Bild auf der Starseite
  • Apostolos Koreas 23/05/2022 12:25

    Danke für dein Lob, die Imbissbude in Münster
  • Miloslav 05/05/2022 21:19

    Thank you for the positive review of the photo - spring rest in the park.
  • Alex Kozhukhov 07/02/2022 17:44

    Dear Matthias, thanx for your attention! Now she is 1.5 years old: . BR, Alexander.
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