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Rui Neves

Free Account, Duesseldorf

Sobre mi


It is difficult to write about myself. - Is never easy to describe something or someone that you don’t know completely. I have been exploring me on the last 29 years and I am always hopping that the best part is still to come.
To keep it short I should say that I see myself as a young and urban guy that fights to built a professional career. - Do you see? Until now nothing really special, don't you think? Well, sorry but that is almost it. From what I know so far about myself (and the others), the truth is that I am just a normal person.

Photography as a hobby... well... my professional career is sometimes boring and I need some distractions! Traveling is one of those. What attracts me most in photography is the possibility that it offers to save moments. Every time I look at pictures made in a defined place at a defined time, transports me to that specific place. It brings me back the smells, the warm or cold feelings and even the words heard. In a certain point of view I look at all this as a way of keeping me traveling to places where I was already before. A sort of cheap traveling!!
One other aspect is the feeling I always had that I look at things differently than the others who always surrounded me. Often I get stuck on the details that for any reason are simply ignored by my friends/colleagues. Making photos and putting as much as I can from me into each photo maybe makes easier to explain the way I see those details.

Besides all this, I like to challenge, to explore, to redefine constantly my concept of esthetic and equilibrium. I believe that esthetic is present in everything we do and it can play a very important role on our lives.

Joining the FC... well... I see this as an opportunity to show my pictures. This naturally means also (and hopefully) an opportunity to be criticized and to learn with those critics. As a new aficionado I am still learning as much as I can about shooting and I am trying to know what I can do with my camera. So every tip is welcome.

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